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Relationship Management

The set of skills that comprise relationship management are complex and intricate, but that skill grouping is paramount for professionals who have their eye on top positions in their firm or industry.

Ultimately, success is tightly hinged to how well a person is able to cultivate and nurture relationships, both within and beyond the company's walls. From clients to superiors to subordinates to colleagues, interacting with grace, charisma, and professionalism is critical for success. Pur*sue helps professionals put into action the skills to do just that.


Executive Presence

As our clients progress in their careers, they find at some point that they need coaching to strengthen their executive presence. A magical combination of poise, strength, vocal attributes, appearance, and attention to detail create the powerful effect of executive presence. Pur*sue systematically focuses on every aspect of a client's presentation to create "the full package:" a client whose presence and conduct are consistently, highly professional.


Leadership Development

As talented individuals enter the workforce, and begin building their resumes, they have a strong desire to advance as quickly as possible.

Managing corporate image and relationships gives today's savvy professional an edge over the competition. Since 1991, the Pur*sue team has equipped its clients with the skills and methods to speed career advancement and hit other professional goals more rapidly with their deep, all-encompassing toolkit for achieving memorable executive presence and successful relationships.


Personal Branding and Marketing

For individuals whose positions make relationship development a necessity, Pur*sue helps them navigate the ins and outs of personal branding and personal marketing. Being likeable and memorable does not come naturally to every professional, and the advantage of a professional evaluation of one's personal branding skills can shed light on areas that need attention. Pur*sue helps clients build a strong personal brand by helping them recognize and take ownership of their skills, and by helping them showcase their talents and abilities without using disclaimers to self-deprecate, or presenting with a braggadocious air.

As online and in-person networking opportunities merge, some clients need direction for conducting themselves memorably on social networking sites. With Pur*sue, such clients can develop the skills to participate successfully in the blossoming social media culture.


Presentation, Media Communications, and Meeting Management Skills

Current and future executives, sales professionals, and consultants spend a considerable amount of time in front of groups presenting information. Having executive-level presentation skills mastery sets you apart, distinguishing you among your peers. Pur*sue dissects the aspects of a powerful presentation, and then applies them to your presentation. From your deck to your mic, your presentation can be stunning with Pur*sue's coaching.

Meetings are inevitable, but they don't have to be dreadful. They should be productivity tools, not anchors around our necks!

Enjoy shorter, more effective meetings by learning the secrets of powerful meeting management. Pur*sue's proven meeting management methods get rave reviews from our clients because we equip our clients with ways to eliminate the time-wasters and get more done.


Business and Social Etiquette

Conducting oneself with grace, particularly in situations that blend professional and social atmospheres, will send a quiet but powerful message about your ability to lead. Pur*sue's systemized training on matters of etiquette and social savvy will prepare you for the next time you entertain a client, attend a fundraising event, conduct a meeting, make a sales presentation, or speak at a conference. Such events need never cause confusion or undue stress; Pur*sue's training will ease anxieties about proper etiquette. Pur*sue's coaching gives you "cocktail savvy," and teaches you to be a more gracious, memorable host or guest. Professionals are advised not to leave home without it, quite literally.


Business Communication

High-tech, social media, blogging, smart phones, and texting ... in this era of multiple modes of communication, we are finding that being an effective communicator is more challenging than ever. Connecting and relating to others in a unique and memorable way requires reflection, strategy, and coaching. Pur*sue's communication training reveals the secrets of communication for maximum comprehension and impact.


Customer Service and Guest Relations

For employees who have customer contact, Pur*sue has a positive, fun, and effective program to train individuals to orient themselves to provide positive customer service experiences. Pur*sue's customer service training resets the internal compass of sales professionals, administrative support professionals, customer service representatives, and indviduals in the field (e.g., technicians, engineers). This training is for teams who want to embrace the paradigm of warm and engaging client interactions. Pur*sue turns employees into AMBASSADORS for your company.

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