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Executive Coaching


Companies and professionals are always in the public eye. To be prepared for this type of attention, you need to have a polished and memorable executive presence. Pur*sue's Executive Coaching services are personalized for your overall development.

With proper training and attention to the verbal and non-verbal aspects of executive presence, you can build these important skills. Since 1991, the Pur*sue team has helped clients speed career advancement and reach other professional goals more rapidly for creating a consistent, powerful and memorable impression.

Pur*sue focuses on elements of your executive presence and designs a coaching curriculum that showcases your strengths while improving your areas for development.



Executive Presence

  • First impressions and visual presentation
  • Self confidence and poise
  • Personal reinvention
  • Business etiquette and dining decorum
  • Personal branding and marketing

Relationship Management

  • Interpersonal excellence
  • Observational acumen
  • Assertion skills
  • Message framing and delivery
  • Networking and social media
  • Effective mentorship

Leadership Development

  • Generational awareness
  • Career management
  • Critical thinking
  • Cultivating emerging leaders and succession planning
  • Business presentation skills
  • Individual and team leadership
  • Business and sales development


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